We all at some point ask ourselves: what is lacking in our city? There are no two answers alike. If you ask Minsk Urban Platform we’d say: the city is lacking our attention while we are lacking some ground knowledge of it.

That’s why we are launching a series of events weld together under the theme “City as a Process” where over the last two weeks of September we will try to look closer on kaleidoscope of urban life — from strategic vision of the city and multi-level citizens’ participation in urban development to future scenarios for industrial and post-industrial urban sites. All these are waiting for you at Minsk Urban Forum 2017 where your contribution and participation are so very welcome.

We’ll have some fun time in the company of active citizens who are investing their personal efforts into transforming our cities and towns into places we enjoy. Get to know how to become a part of this great company join our PechaKucha.

We’ll meet like-minded professionals who will share their success stories of how to make your city a better place — be it Berlin, Prague, Antwerp, Kyiv, Moscow or Amsterdam. Join our open lectures.

Special workshops programme is tailored for our design & planning institutes. We hope you’ll notice some advanced practices or innovative ideas presented to them in the city.

Public transport and mobility won’t be left behind. On September 22, the World Car-Free Day, we’ll present our design for a new tram scheme.

To top it off, we’ll update you on the progress of the projects currently implemented by Minsk Urban Platform jointly with our partners Green Network and Ecohome. To find out what’s going on in your neighbourhood or how to inspire people to change their park or courtyard, join our opening of Alt-Yard in Sierabranka or workshop in Kotauka.

A full programme of the Minsk Urban Forum 2017 will be available soon. Follow us on media and join us to make it happen!