December 4, 2020

Online conference for planners, architects, designers, specialists
in the field of architecture and construction (the conference is free, the number of places is limited)

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By 2020, the topic of environment has become inseparable from all spheres of human life. We are no longer talking about the importance of environmental agenda and no longer proving the need to quickly resolve the problems associated with it. We are talking about finding the tools for the comfortable coexistence of humanity and the ecosystem that we belong to.

Architecture and urban planning are no exception. Eco-friendliness is no longer a separate concept, but an integral feature of a modern project, along with ergonomics, aesthetics and efficiency.

By an environmentally friendly project, we mean an object of architectural activity that has been designed, constructed and operated using the tools that allow to reduce its impact on the environment and bring it closer to compliance with the concept of wise consumption and use of resources.


Jan Dieterle

Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Nabi Agzamov

Sustainable urban development specialist at Strelka KB

Anđela Karabašević

Architect at AKVS architecture, SERBIA

Alexander Kucheravy

Member of the Board of Directors of the international Active House Alliance

Juliya Polevaya

Co-founder of the German-Ukrainian ZinCo Ukraine company, founder of the V Pole Design company

Anna Saikova

Architect at Strelka CA — architectural department of Strelka KB.

Ekaterina Korchagina

Architect at Strelka CA — architectural department of Strelka KB

Semen Polomanyi

Co-founder of the Zemlia landscape architecture studio

Konstantin Kuchabsky

Architect, designer, activist. Co-founder of the Ostriv cultural and educational platform and Formography studio

Nastasya Andrukovich

Architect at Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl,

Nailya Zinnatullina

Head of the Architectural projects Department of the Foundation Institute for Urban Development of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Sergiy Kovalenkov

CEO Hempire, Ukraine


What project tools will help to invest in the future of the global ecosystem?
What techniques allow to reduce the anthropogenic impact on the environment?
What can be used right now without waiting for significant legal changes?
What difficulties can arise when using green technologies and techniques in architecture and urban planning?

During The Conference We Will Not… ...discuss abstract strategies and mechanisms of management — we are practice oriented. ....present futuristic concepts — we will discuss modern real projects and specific design solutions....torment you with hours of lectures — good ideas come from communication, discussions and networking.


9:00                  Welcoming remarks from the the conference organizers

9:20                  Lecture «Down to Earth: Urban green and blue»
                          Prof. Dr. Jan Dieterle (Hochschule Geisenheim University)


10:20                Introduction to the topic of the block, and introduction
__________of the participants

10:30                Lecture: “Landscape as a sustainable infrastructure”
                          Nabi Agzamov (Strelka KB)

11:10                 Discussion: «Water-sensitive urban design»
                          Nailya Zinnatullina (Foundation “Institute for Urban Development
____  _____of the Republic of Tatarstan)

                          Nabi Agzamov (Strelka KB)
                          Semen Polomanyi (
                          Nastasia Andrukovich (Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, Hamburg) 

12:00                Networking


13:10                Introduction to the topic of the block

13:20                Lecture: “Polyvalent Housing: Experimental
____  _____Dwelling Models»

                          Anđela Karabašević (AKVS architecture)

14:20                Discussion: “Green roofs”
                          Anna Saikova & Ekaterina Korchagina (Strelka CA)
                          Juliya Polevaya (ZinCo Ukraine)

15:10                Networking


15:20                Introduction to the topic of the block

15:30                Lecture: “Active House”
                          Alexander Kucheravy (Active House Alliance)

16:10                Discussion: “Eco-friendly building materials”
                          Konstantin Kuchabsky (Ostriv platform)
                          Sergiy Kovalenkov (Hempire, Ukraine)

17:00                Networking

17:20                Conference wrap-up and closing remarks


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