Some might think that urbanism is all about parks and bicycle lanes — for those of you who think so — yes, that’s right, we do love parks and care to have more greenery in city, yes, we do love and ride bicycle and care about sustainable mobility – but urbanism is way more than that! It’s about loving the place you live in – the city – it’s about mastering the city, getting to know it better and enjoying inhabiting it.

So if you’d be curious enough to visit us what’d you find? You might run into one of our like-minded colleagues from different cities whom we invite for open lectures, public speakings, workshops and urban summer schools organized by us.

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Or you might not find us in our office for we’d be on our ‘field mission’ in the city doing researches, exploring urban fabric, seeking and testing solutions for urban problems, doing interventions to reinvent the space we live in.

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Or you might land in the middle of discussion or collaborative work with one of our partners, local initiatives or NGOs for we are also a platform for dialogue and exchange of experience on our common urban issues.